Abrogate in a sentence

What does abrogate mean? It means to put to an end to something.

Noun: -abrogation

Adjective: -abrogative

Sentence Examples: –

  • it is not in your right to try and abrogate anybody’s right to freedom, or the Right to free thinking and speech.
  • Just one look at the thunderstorms outside is more than enough to try and abrogate our plans for the picnic.
  • When a parent is good, they would not try to abrogate their feelings are responsibilities towards their child.
  • There are various animal lovers that would seriously try and protest against the use of animals in scientific experiments; they would seriously abrogate the use of such products to the general public.
  • As a duty of a police officer, you just cannot abrogate your legal liabilities just so that you happen to be of duty.
  • There are various cities that have had to abrogate some form or smoking so as to curb the smog and pollution of that particular part of the world. This has led to a lot of change.

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