Accosted in a sentence

What does accosted  mean?: -to approach someone aggressively

Noun: -accost

Adjective: -accostable

Sentence Examples: –

  • Upon being accosted by a robber, I quickly gave away all the money that I had with me so as to avoid any kind of confrontation.
  • Jon, who was accosted by a robber, was told by the police to describe that person in detail.
  • Most of the celebrities as well as sports stars prefer not to be accosted by their fans, which is why most of them prefer to go out wearing disguises when they are in public.
  • My daughter has recently beenaccosted by her bully for lunch money, she informed us in the nick of time so as to prevent this thing from happening.
  • After going through the grind of drug tests, Lance Armstrong was accosted by the authorities after failing it repeatedly.
  • If you are ever accosted in an alleyway, it will always be prudent to give up whatever belongings that you have instead of trying to confront the people. You would only be creating the best possible situation for yourself.

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