How to Use Exigency in a Sentence? Definition,Meaning with Examples

What does exigency  mean?: -an urgent demand or need

Noun: -exigencies

Exigency  Sentence in a Examples

  • the rules of a prison are an exigency, it is not merely for the needs of the prisoners, but also for the people that look after it.
  • Although, my children prefer not to have any kind of medicine, it happens to be an exigency which is a necessity for their physical benefit.
  • The medication for allergy for my son happens to be an exigency, which is very much necessary in case there is any kind of attack.
  • You need to always keep your money in your account, so as to create some sort of financial exigency in case anything happens to the market.
  • During the summer months, keep a certain amount of your money as exigency so as to take your family out for a vacations.
  • Always ensure that during the hot weather, you have a bottle of water, filled with glucose as an exigency so that you do not come across any kind of problems.

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