Bias in a sentence

What does bias  mean?: -prejudice towards a particular person, something or a group

Adjective: -biased

Sentence Examples: –

  • The courtroom was filled with people that had a certain bias towards the guilty; the jury took that into account when going for the verdict.
  • There is a lot of people that have a certain amount of bias when thinking about nannies for children, most of the time, they prefer old English ladies to all the other people applying for the job.
  • When you are a part of the jury, you cannot have any personal bias towards anyone.
  • It is your sole responsibility to ensure that there is no bias in the workplace, and you would be able to combat racism at all possible times within your company.
  • When looking into working for the human resource department, having any sort of bias directly excludes you from the position.
  • There are several points which may seem to be valid as well as a bias towards women that would actually like to make their mark in the corporate world but find it extremely hard to do so.

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