Admonish in a sentence

What does admonish  mean?: – to reprimand somebody very firmly

Noun: -admonisher, admonishment

Adjective: -unadmonished

Sentence Examples: –

  • there is absolutely no necessary for you to admonish someone just because he happens to be a homosexual.
  • Due to the recent traffic jams, I just hope that my seniors do not admonish me for coming to the office late.
  • It is the job of police officers to admonish anyone that seems to be going above the speed limit, or happens to break any rules and regulations.
  • Critics of your movies are always going to admonish you, it is in your better judgment to take their positive criticism and use it for the betterment of your art.
  • Teachers regularly admonish students that do not get their homework done. It is a regulatory feature, and always will within the periphery of the teacher student interaction.
  • Jack had a lot of thoughts about this article that he has written, he never thought that his teacher would admonish him for this article of his.

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