Impudent in a sentence

What does impudent  mean?: – not giving the proper respect to the other person

Noun: -impudentness

Sentence Examples: –

  • if the waiter had not been impudent, I would have certainly left him a wonderful tip for his services.
  • Even though there was a need for me to purchase a lot of stationary, but the impudent clerk in the store ensured that I left the store and went to its competitor across the street.
  • I have made it a point to get rid of impudent people from my life, so that I would not be surrounded by negativity and enjoy my life to the full extent.
  • There are a lot of people that seem to think that by showing impudent behaviour, they would be able to gain a lot of support from their compatriots.
  • With the impudent behaviour and curiosity into my work life, I ensured that Nathan did not come even close to my workspace, or even my office.
  • I have made it a point to get rid of impudent questions from the questions and answers round in any quiz.

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