Adulation in a sentence

What does adulation mean? It means to shower excessive amount of devotion to somebody, and to provide a lot of flattery to that person.

Noun: -self-adulation

Adjective: -self-adulatory

Sentence Examples: –

  • Even when the truly humble stars get a lot of adulation from their fans, it can make them uncomfortable at any given point of situation.
  • For an employer to get adulation from his employees saying a lot, unless it is the fact that they are all up for promotions at that very moment.
  • If you thought that the adults are far from showering adulation on their favorite stars, then you obviously haven’t met my mother. She is the obvious fan girl of George Clooney and remains so, even after attaining 60 years of age.
  • When you go to your grandmother’s house, and shower her with adulation, you are definitely going to get a lot of good smiles and a full stomach.
  • For several years, it was the job of the press department to shower adulation on the Star so as to not have him feeling needy against all the competition in the market.

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