Aesthetic in a sentence

What does aesthetic  mean?: -concerned with the appreciation of an artistic form of beauty.

Adjective: -nonaesthetic

Sentence Examples: –

  • The aesthetic appearance of the house certainly lends to the credibility that the new neighbors are good people.
  • That you can enjoy the view of both the oceans and the mountain certainly lends to the aesthetic appeal of that particular hotel room.
  • Do you have an aesthetic opinion on the handbag that I have recently purchased?
  • One could certainly say that my husband has a very good hand in painting, but the room that he has painted for our children is certainly not aesthetic in any form.
  • For the various florists, there is nothing better than the aesthetic appeal of the rose to rekindle any type of romance.
  • Jack has an aesthetic sense of landscaping, so we have hired him for landscaping our garden.
  • If you do not have any problems, would you come and have a look at our aesthetic house?
  • When you decorate your house on an aesthetic note, you can certainly expect a lot of accolades.

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