Iconoclast in a sentence

What does iconoclast  mean?: – A person that tends to attack or criticize any kind of institution or belief

Adjective: -iconoclastic

Sentence Examples: –

  • Just because Jack happens to be an iconoclast, he was fired from his current job, but due to his diligence, he went on to get the managerial post in another company.
  • To be a successful entrepreneur, you would need to become an iconoclast, somebody that is not afraid of introducing radical ideas in the market in terms of products, and to ensure that it becomes successful.
  • The leader of the church is always somebody that goes against the iconoclast image, and speaks clearly about the church and the followings.
  • Amongst a jury member, there will always be an iconoclast that would go against the thinking of the general public.
  • When I happen to get drunk, I tend to become an iconoclast, a defender of all the guilty beliefs that I think to be the best in the market.
  • I tend to think of myself as iconoclast when it comes to the concept of marriage.

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