Beleaguer in a sentence

What does beleaguer  mean?: – To be or put someone in a difficult situation

Noun: -beleaguerer

Adjective: -beleaguered

Sentence Examples: –

  • It is common for the people during Halloween to get a whole amount of trick or treat children to beleaguer them all night for candies.
  • Jon made it a point to always beleaguer his ex-wife with late payments for child support, which did not go down well with the judge.
  • The mosquitoes will beleaguer the family for the entire summer if the timely insect repellents are not put up and spread across the house.
  • It is somewhat of a tradition for the school bully to beleaguer the smaller children for money.
  • When entertainment is sparse, it falls upon Heidi to beleaguer her little brother.
  • It is only when the family intervened that Sarah stops to beleaguer her brother as well as her little sister.
  • If you have a small son, and you do not answer his question, he is going to beleaguer you until you take the time to find out the answer and respond to him.

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