Albeit in a sentence

What does albeit  mean?: -though

Sentence Examples: –

  • I happen to be a huge fan of melodic death metal, albeit I do not have any of the albums from the genre.
  • This movie, albeit it happens to be extremely brief, was quite engaging and in the style of a documentary.
  • This day, albeit it seems to be a bit cloudy, but is perfect for a weekend vacation.
  • My favourite football team has won the game, albeit with the lead that did not please me.
  • Jack is a wonderful worker albeit he happens to be late very often coming to the office.
  • Albeit it was short, the poem was wonderful and rhymed beautifully.
  • The neighborhoods of the new house are extremely good albeit it comes with a huge maintenance fee and a lot of compromise on the security.
  • Albeit the idea was weird, but it was something unique, and something which could be converted into real-time moneymaking schemes.
  • Albeit it was only 6 o’clock, but Ryan seems to be running late for the meeting.
  • Albeit expensive, but the gift was well worth the amount of money spent.

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