Allusion in a sentence

What does allusion  mean?: – An expression to make a passing reference or an indirect mention of somebody without becoming explicit

Noun: -preallusion

Sentence Examples: –

  • The new book by Seth Rogen has an allusion to all the Christian apostles and the Jesus Christ along with his interpretation of the Bible.
  • There is always an allusion to another world leader by any speech made by Barack Obama.
  • Taylor Swift made an allusion to her ex-boyfriend about the song that she had written and composed recently.
  • The articles written by the Newsweek made an allusion to the descent domestic violence cases against that basketball star.
  • The journalist took it upon himself to make an allusion in his article about the recent domestic abuse on his servant by that actor.
  • Even though there were a lot of students in that particular class, the teacher always made an allusion to Jack, the brightest of them all.
  • If you are going to make an allusion to the recent heavy metal records in your article, then it is important for you to provide authorship links.

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