Aloof in a sentence

What does aloof  mean?: -distant, not friendly and forthcoming

Noun: -aloofness

Sentence Examples: –

  • the Prince made sure that he remained aloof from the other common folks.
  • It is only due to the aloof nature of Harry that he does not make a lot of friends.
  • The new entry into the school has been very aloof to all our classmates, thereby creating a sort of discontentment amongst us.
  • It is of common mycological knowledge that the courts have always remained aloof from the normal people and only provided their Scriptures to the people that are worthy of it.
  • Amongst all the other domesticated animals, the cats seem to be very aloof.
  • When it comes to the Queen of England, you find that she does not have an aloof personality; rather she is extremely forthcoming and pleasant to all the people.
  • When you come across a celebrity, you realize that he or she most probably remain aloof from all the other people, thereby giving a sense of importance.
  • People tend to remain aloof when the find that it does not concern their needs.

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