Genocide in a sentence

What does genocide  mean?: -the eradication, systemic killing of a large group of ethnic or minority people.

Adjective: -genocidal

Sentence Examples: –

  • Saddam Hussain was known to have created the biggest genocide of the modern world when it came to the ethnic cleansing of the Kurds.
  • Hitler was responsible for the genocide against the Jews, and the continued persecution of them upon conquering new countries.
  • The African world contributes to the genocide of people, particularly children of a certain tribe, and the entire world is up in arms against it.
  • If you look at originally events, you find that the genocide in Rwanda is one of the most modern wars that we are fighting, and are nowhere close to even winning or having a glance at the total amount of people eradicated.
  • Many people still consider the genocide of the Jews to be one of the most hateful crimes that can be done against a particular civilization, against a particular sector of people and it has been rightfully banned in Germany and various other countries.

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