Vacillate in a sentence

What does vacillate  mean?: -to be indecisive

Noun: -vacillator

Sentence Examples: –

  • If you have the choice of selecting a restaurant to Jon, he would vacillate between the restaurants.
  • Although, one could say that King Henry was one of the best leaders of the open world, but he normally possessed a tendency to vacillate whenever there were any kind of important decisions to come up with.
  • If you keep the need to vacillate between the two positions, the only way you want to excel in life is when you get a good life partner.
  • At the beginning of the selection of the project, Heather began to vacillate whether she wanted the one with the minimum amount of work, and the minimum grades or the latter.
  • Helen would need to vacillate between two choices of selecting a beach resort or a mountainside, and a lot depended upon her decision.
  • It is pretty common for people to vacillate between selecting the right kind of number for their lotto tickets.
  • There are many couples that vacillate towards either loving each other on letting go for a better job.

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