Ambience in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Ambience in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Ambience and Ambient.

Ambience Definition and Meaning with Examples

Ambiance (noun) refers to the vibe, character or mood of a place or an environment.

Also spelt as ambiance, it can be used to describe a backdrop, setting or specific context. The kind of feelings or emotions that a place generates, is referred to as its ambience.

Ambient is its adjective form and can be used to describe the immediate surroundings of something.

Add the word ambience to your vocabulary by using it to express the tenor or quality of a place. For example, cutouts of cartoon characters on the walls of an advertising agency will give it a casual ambience and neon lighting at home will give it the ambience of a pub.

Ambiance: Other Grammatical Forms

Ambient (adjective)

Ambience in a Sentence Examples

1) All my colleagues loved that cafe because it had the perfect ambience to hold meetings and work on presentations.

2) My mom loves buying different furnishings and upholstery to keep changing the look and ambience of our house.

3) Most people come here not to drink but to check out the ambience. The way they have recreated Egypt in the bar is awesome.

4) The ambience of the house became beautiful after the gazebo was lit, garden spruced and house decorated.

5) The restaurant was famous for its serene ambience. It was an amazing place for a person who wanted to unwind after a hard day.

6) This lounge makes you pay an exorbitant cover charge not for anything else, but purely for its exotic ambience.

7) The ambience of the house was marred by the neon lighting. If it was done up soberly, it would have looked beautiful.

8) Colorful toys, rugs and linen for her daughter’s playpen were important if she wanted to create a welcoming ambience.

9) In order to recreate a jungle ambience in the hotel, the owner was ready to pay a whopping million dollar fee to the interior decorators.

10) The sophisticated ambience of the club was intimidating, but I walked in with gusto and shook hands with the who’s who of the city.

11) The agency made sure that the renovation did not affect the original ambience of the palace in which the king lived.

12) The warm ambience of the reception area in the advertising agency owed itself to the hues of yellow and orange used on the walls.

13) The background score in the climax created a beautiful ambience in the film which was both romantic and sensuous.

14) Her home is not cozy, it has the stiff ambience of a hotel.

15) It will take you a lot of money if you want to recreate the ambience of a real bar in your own house. From bar accessories, stools to other paraphernalia, it may cost you a bomb.

16) My son asked me to help him recreate the ambience of a library at home because he wanted to focus on his studies better.

17) Keeping the original ambience of the place intact, she rearranged the furniture to give it a new look.

18) The peaceful ambience of the park is ideal for me to think about my next big idea to present in my office on Monday.

19) He planned to play a few pieces from the piano recital to create a romantic ambience when his girlfriend would come to his place for dinner.

20) The manager ensured that the ambience of the office always remained formal. He did not encourage casual relationships.

21) The solemn ambience of the temple made me want to sit down for a few seconds and contemplate about life in general.

22) The colors, textures and patterns of the upholstery I chose were aimed at creating a casual ambience in my house which would always be open to everyone.

23) There was something about the ambience of that house that made me instantly comfortable and gave me a sense of belongingness.

24) The ambience of bookshops gives me inspiration to start writing my book – something that I’ve been considering from the longest time.

25) The food critic wrote more about the ambience of the deli rather than the qualities of the foods it served.

Ambient in a Sentence Examples

1) The ambient lighting underneath the canopies made a great deal of difference to the overall look and feel of the place.

2) The ambient sounds were completely nullified in the soundproof room that the music director built in his house.

3) The ambient noise disturbed me while I was studying but there was nothing I could do about it since the house was on the main street.

4) The slow and soothing ambient music floated in our ears, relieving us from the fatigue of the entire day.

5) The recipe recommended all the ingredients to be stored at ambient temperature, three hours before cooking the dish.


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