Ancillary: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Ancillary in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Ancillary.

Ancillary Definition and Meaning with Examples

Ancillary (adjective) means supporting or subordinate. It refers to the necessary or additional support given to a main activity or a primary function.

Ancillary also refers to something which is auxiliary or second in terms of importance.

The noun form of the word refers to a person who provides a supportive function to another person, company or system.

Make a sentence with the word ancillary to suggest the supplementary or contributive nature of something. For example, a smaller office in the suburb could be an ancillary space to work if there is a problem in the downtown office. Similarly, an executive assistant always acts as an ancillary to the boss.

Ancillary: Other Grammatical Forms

Ancillary (noun)

Ancillary (adjective) in a Sentence Examples

1) It is an ancillary role to the manager which pays peanuts but I am better of earning some money than being unemployed.

2) The organization could not provide ancillary services to the public because it did not have spare funds to do so.

3) This is an ancillary workshop which is used during power failure or any other problem in the main manufacturing plant.

4) I have written a few ancillary subplots for my film which I can use just in case the jury doesn’t like my original draft.

5) Don’t give your hobbies ancillary treatment. They are going to be as important as your academics to help you grow as a person.

6) We need ancillary data which will support and further strengthen our argument.

7) If you go to the store to buy the phone, the sales staff with force you into buying other ancillary products.

8) There are too many ancillary costs that come with the purchase of this industrial equipment. It’s unaffordable.

9) My mother will never play an ancillary role in my life to my father. She is the central figure of my life.

10) There are ancillary advantages of taking up this job such as making new contacts and getting good referrals.

11) All this ancillary information is not required. I simply want you to make a presentation which will cover all the main points.

12) The lawyer decided to carry all the ancillary documents with him to court, just in case he needed to use them last minute.

13) I would like you to hire a team which provides ancillary support during important events and international seminars.

14) I want my preface to be ancillary to the introduction which outlines the crux of the book. I don’t want it to steal the show.

15) It’s an ancillary expense for me, but I am ready to bear it if it’s going to save me time in the longer run.

16) You may be serving an ancillary function to her, but you are not below her. If you relegate yourself in your own mind, no one can help you.

17) Our teacher allowed us to use ancillary diagrams, charts, tables and facts to make our explanation clearer.

18) I ensure that most of my unplanned expenses are taken care of by ancillary income and I don’t have to bear any liabilities.

19) This is an ancillary task and I don’t think you should take so much time to finish something so quotidian.

20) He is overly pedantic and takes all day to finish the most mundane chores. This makes him ineffective.

21) She was trying to sell the product to me tenaciously by listing out its ancillary benefits. Too bad I wasn’t interested.

22) Out of the ten ancillary functions that we were taught, I could list only two in my exam. It was because of my anxiety that I forget the rest.

23) She wanted her architect to create small ancillary areas in the storage room which she could use for miscellaneous purposes.

24) You might want to consider tapping into the ancillary market if your product doesn’t do well mainstream.

25) I have downloaded all the ancillary chapters which will be imperative to our understanding of the topic.

Ancillary (noun) in a Sentence Examples

1) Although the organization has an ancillary in the APAC region, most of its business happens from its headquarters.

2) I have hired a manager and an ancillary to ensure that the project rolls out seamlessly and all work is completed on time.

3) I am aware of the fact that I am an ancillary and my meager salary cannot be compared to his.

4) You will never see a government employee travel without his or her ancillary. It seems they can’t do anything on their own.

5) The executive board is an ancillary that has been created to supplement the supervision of routine functioning.

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