Ameliorate in a sentence

What does ameliorate mean?: -making something unsatisfactory to become better

Noun: -ameliorant

Adjective: -ameliorable

Sentence Examples: –

  • if you continue to scratch your eyes, it will definitely not ameliorate the kind of itching that you feel.
  • In the latest Batman versus Superman movie, Superman tends to ameliorate the situation by trying to create bonhomie between him and Batman, although they are at loggerheads with each other.
  • You could easily ameliorate the relationship that you have with your mother by just communicating or sending a letter.
  • If you want to enjoy learning as well as ameliorate your grades, there is nothing better than to try and find a good teacher to educate you.
  • One of the better ways for you to ameliorate the handwriting is to ensure that you write slowly, and confidently. There is absolutely no need for you to write fast and make it difficult for the teachers to decipher your text.
  • If you find that your back is constantly hurting, then you can ameliorateyour pain by simply lying on a flat surface.
  • If you introduce volini pain medication pull your leg, it will certainly ameliorate your pain in that particular surface.

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