Amiable in a sentence

What does amiable  mean?: – having a pleasant manner

Noun: -amiability, amiableness

Adjective: -quasi-amiable

Sentence Examples: –

  • it was extremely nice of all my fellow students to think of me as an amiable person, particularly when I am new to this particular school.
  • I prefer to go to that particular doctor as I find his staff to be very amiable and helping to all the patients.
  • If you think that Kevin is an amiable person, then you’re in for a very rude shock.
  • This because Alex happens to be an amiable person, it does not mean that you need to take advantage of him. After all, it is in his nature to be friendly, it is not his disadvantage.
  • The need for you to be amiable towards your co-workers is entirely dependent upon the area of work that you are in for that company.
  • Although Amanda happens to be a very amiable person, she has a hidden side to her that is not only very disturbing, but also something that is kept secret for a reason.

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