Animosity in a Sentence| Definition,Meaning and Examples

How to use Animosity in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Animosity.

Animosity Definition and Meaning with Examples

Animosity (noun) means hatred or hostility. It can be used to suggest intense dislike or enmity towards a person or in between groups of people.

Animosity can be caused by a variety of emotions such as jealousy, betrayal, remorse and vengeance.

Include animosity in your vocabulary by using to suggest loathing. Associate the word with an ill feeling between friends, bad blood within the family, resentment caused by deceit, bitterness between communities or antagonism between nations.

Animosity has a negative connotation because it suggests the feelings of hate.

Animosity: Other Grammatical Forms


Animosity in a Sentence Examples

1) The animosity between the two business tycoons was palpable.

2) You should try to increase friendship between those two boys, not fan their animosity.

3) With the passing years, their animosity strengthened to the extent that they weren’t even ready to talk with each other on the phone.

4) Animosity between several generations of royal families is a very common phenomenon.

5) History should contain more accounts of friendships than animosity between different countries of the world.

6) The reason there is no trace of animosity between the two warring tribes is solely because of government’s peacekeeping forces.

7) Time is the biggest healer. With the passage of time, their animosity too will get washed away.

8) Cultural events and activities will help people to bond with each other, thus eradicating traces of animosity between certain ethnic groups.

9) Instead of harboring a healthy feeling of competitiveness, the two interstate football teams started displaying animosity.

10) Their marriage could not sustain the level of animosity that had developed between them since so many years.

11) The argument between my manager and my boss intensified the already existing animosity.

12) If your heart is filled with animosity, there will be no space for love.

13) I wish I could do something to erase animosity between my parents because they were divorced many moons ago.

14) Although their animosity seems monumental, the reason for their friction is petty.

15) As long as my mother is happy, her animosity for me means nothing.

16) People often take advantage when animosity exists between family members.

17) The theme of the story revolves around animosity, revenge and the eventual battle amongst the two communities.

18) You cannot let your animosity with your ex-husband affect your child’s upbringing.

19) Channel your animosity and work hard to bring about change in the system instead of sitting in your armchair and criticizing it.

20) Your professional animosity does not have to necessarily translate into personal rivalry.

21) Although he didn’t verbalize it, he showed his animosity through his hostile body language.

22) It takes years to build a friendship and less than a second to cause animosity.

23) You better flee the country if you want to avoid people’s animosity for the vicious statements that you have made.

24) Your manipulative ways have caused animosity between the mother and son.

25) As a moderator, you have to ensure that there is no reason for any animosity between the two parties or else we may lose the contract.

26)He behaved very well at the party even though there was lots of animosity between him and the host.

27) No amount of animosity could win over the fact that at the end of the day, there were blood brothers.

28) The controversial lyrics of this song will lead to nothing but more animosity between the two groups.

29) There was no animosity between us. It’s just that we hadn’t met enough to be friends.

30) After he offended her with a lame joke, their animosity reached new heights.

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