How to Use Ebullient in a Sentence? Definition,Meaning with Examples

Noun: – cheerful and filled with energy

Examples of how to use ebullient in a sentence:- –

  • The song was ebullient enough in order to get me dancing on the chair.
  • My uncles are ebullient characters; they can bring down the house with laughter at any occasion they get together.
  • After drinking the morning coffee, I have always been able to transform myself into an ebullient character.
  • To be stuck at the airport for over 12 hours, we were far from
  • The attitude displayed by Rocky should him to be a firm favorite for this ebullient character he would be portraying in the school play.
  • There is nothing to stop the ebullient bride from being the center of attraction during a wedding.
  • Upon hearing the news of his father’s death, Jack was far from being
  • There are a lot of ebullient investors propping up the stock market.
  • The festive spirit brings about a variety of ebullient characters to the pub.
  • Christmas is an ebullient time for people to enjoy and get drenched in that spirit.
  • It was the ebullient personality displayed by Jack that ended up making him many friends across various sections of the school.
  • The economic boom of India had made the citizens of the country
  • The idea of going camping for a whole weekend made Jon ebullient.
  • One of the classic cases of ebullient sportsman would be Muhammad Ali.
  • It is always the sight of a paycheck that can turn a spiritless character into an ebullient one.
  • After the success of this project, Frank was one ebullient person.
  • The political will of the country has definitely changed the morose feeling citizens into an ebullient one.
  • The gross domestic happiness employed by Bhutan as a measure of their progress definitely ensures that the citizens remain ebullient at all times.
  • Cockneys and Scotsman are ebullient by nature; they tend to be extremely outgoing and fun to be with.
  • Ebullient characters definitely make a name for themselves, in contrast to the introverts in this world.
  • It is a common understanding that our principal is one of the most ebullient people that you can come across.

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