Apathy in a sentence

What does apathy  mean?: – A lack of enthusiasm or concern

Noun: -apathies

Apathy in a Sentence Examples: –

  • There were many people amongst the members of the group that did not have any kind of interest on the discussion towards the budget, rather they were filled with apathy and did not take part in the conversation.
  • Due to the huge amount of apathy registered by the general people about the coming elections, there was a certain amount of trepidation amongst the government members.
  • When you shut out everything that deals with crime, you lead a sense of apathy that can be quite dangerous for you when you happen to be speaking out against it.
  • It is the primary responsibility of the company to ensure that the customers do not have a sense of apathy towards their products.
  • Do not take a person to a religious establishment that has developed apathy to the religious scriptures.
  • There is a lot of apathy towards the football establishment due to the recent news about bribes in the World Cup in South Africa.

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