Empathy in a sentence

What does empathy  mean?: -the ability to comprehend the feelings of other people

Noun: -empathize

Sentence Examples: –

  • It is only because she is an immigrant as well that Sarah has the empathy to understand the people that come into this country illegally.
  • Due to the obvious lack of empathy for the other people, John was unable to get into any kind of long-term relationship.
  • When he does something wrong, Patrick can certainly experience empathy, and apologize without any further time taken.
  • Only when you have a very strong sense of empathy that you would be able to work in a government job.
  • When you happen to be questioned about the things that you have done in your life, showing obvious empathy towards the people that you have hurt will go a long way.
  • Being a survivor of cancer himself, my doctor was able to show me empathy when I have been going through the same process myself.
  • It is only when you become a parent that you can truly sense the empathy towards all the wrongdoings that your children have committed.

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