How to use Apprehensive in a Sentence:Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Apprehensive in a sentence:-

Sentence examples of Apprehensive, Apprehensively, Apprehensiveness and Apprehension.

Apprehensive Definition and Meaning with Examples

Apprehensive (adjective) means nervous or worried. It refers to the feeling or state of being alarmed and uneasy about something, especially an outcome in the future.

The word suggests fear or stress about any kind of potential harm that may occur.

Apprehensive can also be used to describe a person who understands or learns quickly and is sensible.

Form a sentence with apprehensive to suggest anxiousness or edginess about something.

Unwillingness to go skydiving because of fear of heights, reluctance to take up a job outside the comfort zone or trepidation to go out and eat on a bad stomach are examples of apprehensiveness.


Apprehensive: Other Grammatical Forms

Apprehensively (adverb)

Apprehensiveness (noun)

Apprehension (noun)

Apprehensive in a Sentence Examples

1) It’s natural for my grandmother to be apprehensive about using the computer. She hasn’t used much technology for most of her life.

2) I consoled my sister because she was apprehensive about her new role in the company. I assured her that everything would be fine.

3) The actor was apprehensive about playing a hermit on celluloid as it was a big departure from his previous glamorous roles.


4) The photographer was apprehensive about using an external hard drive to give his pictures to his intern. He was concerned about them getting copied.

5) We were apprehensive about moving into a house where someone had been murdered before. We wondered if it would be safe for us to live there or not.

6) My sister was apprehensive keeping her silver jewelry at home and rightly so. The neighborhood had seen a few thefts in the past couple of days.

7) My mom was apprehensive about boarding the flight after having thrown up twice in the day. We were glad that she made the right choice and didn’t fly.

8) After skimming through his resume and seeing his low academic record, the job interviewer became apprehensive about taking his interview.

9) Now that we’ve made such a big investment in a single property, we are apprehensive about its future.

10) I could trust my apprehensive friend to help me in my time of need.


Apprehensively in a Sentence Examples

1) She gave her statement to the cops very apprehensively because she has never been associated with any kind of crime before.


2) The actress posed in the front of the cameras apprehensively because she wasn’t wearing her makeup.


3) She gave her name and birth details to him apprehensively because she didn’t know how that information would be used.

4) The biggest mistake that new drivers make is to drive apprehensively. They would be much better off if they drove with confidence.


5) She took on the challenge given by her friend apprehensively, not knowing what the repercussions would be.

6) They looked at each other apprehensively when they switched on the TV to watch the lottery results.

7) He peeked into the lobby apprehensively to check if no one was around. He was given the odious task of stealing the files from the drawer.

8) She broke up with him apprehensively, but later realized that she did the right thing.

9) When they found out that their son had gone missing, they looked at each other apprehensively. They didn’t know what to do next.

10) She picked up the call apprehensively, hoping that it wasn’t her stalker on the line again.


Apprehensiveness in a Sentence Examples

1) Their apprehensiveness about sitting on a roller coaster was understandable. They had never been to an amusement park before.


2) You will have to call her and get rid of her apprehensiveness about coming to the party.

3) It is natural to have apprehensiveness about sales in the first month of starting business.

4) My best friend could sense my apprehensiveness about going bungee jumping. It was not something I was looking forward to.

5) My cousin’s apprehensiveness regarding his exam results is valid because he has appeared for them without studying.


Apprehension in a Sentence Examples

1) When I asked my mother for permission to join my friends for a vacation in Europe, I could see the apprehension in her eyes.

2) Your apprehension about what’s going to happen next in life is not going to help you. What is meant to be, will be.

3) There was a slight amount of apprehension from my manager’s side about making the decision, but I was sure about it.

4) The purpose of the training module was to remove all employee apprehension regarding the use of the new software.

5) It’s an arduous hike. If you have any apprehension about it, I suggest you don’t go.

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