Arduous in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Arduous in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Arduous, Arduously and Arduousness.

Arduous Definition and Meaning with Examples

Arduous (adjective) means laborious or painstaking. It can be used to describe anything which is strenuous or demanding.

Arduous can also refer to something which is tough and difficult to achieve or something that is severe and punishing.

Uphill climbs, difficult paths or challenging journeys are commonly referred to as being arduous.

Make a sentence with the word arduous to suggest a context that is exhausting and tiresome. A swim against the currents, studying for exams in one day, carrying heavy rocks, driving on a road full of potholes and cooking with one hand can be labeled as arduous tasks.

Arduous: Other Grammatical Forms

Arduously (adverb)

Arduousness (noun)

Arduous in a Sentence Examples

1) My father is looking for a part time job which keeps his occupied in his retirement. He is not looking for anything arduous.

2) I suggest you avoid taking the mountainous route because it’s extremely rough and arduous.

3) Mining is one of the most arduous professions that I’ve known. My uncle used to work in a mine and he said it was quite bad.

4) Repairing this old machine is going to be an arduous job but I will do it because it’s my father’s last memory.

5) Filing taxes was really arduous in my time. These days, it has become very easy.

6) Personal financial management can be really arduous and cumbersome if there is no one to guide you through it all.

7) The process of making a documentary with paltry funds at the team’s disposition can be quite arduous.

8) One of the most arduous times in the lives of my parents was when they were asked to evacuate their ancestral home without prior notice.

9) I am glad to be back home from an arduous audit that has lasted for eight long days.

10) The path of living a life of honesty, integrity and sincerity is very arduous. But its rewards make it all worthwhile.

  • The examinations of the semester seem to be a piece of cake, but when it comes to the oral examination, it could definitely turn out to be
  • If you play any musical instrument, it may seem to be arduous at first, but given a lot of time to it, you will certainly end up becoming a master.
  • If this is your first examination towards a driving license, you would find it to be very arduous. However, take your time and you would be on your way securing it.
  • It is an arduous challenge for you to read Shakespearean novels and not look into the dictionary at one point of time.
  • If you undertakearduous practice in any trade, you would certainly end up becoming good at it.
  • Understanding your words over the telephone can seem to be an arduous task, as you are always shouting.

Arduously in a Sentence Examples

1) Most people think that an actor’s life is glamorous but the truth is that they work very arduously. From having irregular working schedules to compromising on family lives, they have to go through hell.

2) We carried on with our trek arduously even though we were famished and had no place to stay the night at. We wanted to reach the summit at any cost.

3) Even after burning the midnight oil and working arduously, we failed to get an A on the project.

4) They trudged on with their marriage arduously because they wanted to make it work no matter what came in the way. Divorce was never an option.

5) There is no point in living your life so arduously. It is in your own hands to make things simpler for yourself.

6) The film crew worked arduously until the wee hours of the morning to make sure that the shoot was completed on time and within budget.

7) While I spent my summer exploring glaciers arduously, my friends rotted in the decadence of their wealth in their mansions back in the city.

8) The ant arduously worked its way up the wall even though it kept falling each time.

9) The government is working arduously to ensure that adequate help reached the all the flood affected areas of the country.

10) We worked arduously to create a proposal to convince the top management that staff redundancies were not required at this point in time.

Arduousness in a Sentence Examples

1) The arduousness of the project attracted me towards it even more. I wanted to feel the satisfaction of doing something challenging.

2) It was not the nature of the task but the arduousness of the legwork that bothered him to no end.

3) It was the arduousness of the drive that tired me, not the length of the journey.

4) He was offered a significantly higher pay than everybody else because of the extreme arduousness of his job.

5) The book is an account of an immigrant who describes the arduousness of his move from one country to another.

6) Just because the arduousness of the process makes it more time consuming, it tends to become expensive too.

7) The arduousness of the climb is what attracts so many hikers and mountaineers to it every winter.

8) The film did a great job of showing the mental arduousness that went behind the scientist’s discovery and how he was ultimately castigated for it.

9) If you hadn’t been through the arduousness of the journey you have been on in life, you wouldn’t have been the person that you are today.

10) The teams were rated on the arduousness of the tasks they did. Higher points were given to tasks that were higher in difficulty level.

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