Apropos in a sentence

What does apropos mean? It means to be fitting at the exact time, and to a specific purpose.

Sentence Examples: –

  • The comments made by Justin was apropos to the event, and did fit in extremely well with the mood of discussion for that event.
  • It was only upon the arrival of the financial help from my father that was apropos to the situation, as my bills were to be paid the next day itself.
  • There are many things strange about the relationship, however you need to be apropos to the situation when making a remark about somebody.
  • The song is not at all apropos to the movie; it only ends up making a crass impact on the people watching the movie.
  • Upon watching the defendant trying to wiggle out of each and every question, the judge took to the recording all his sentences as he felt it would be apropos given the situation.
  • Just when the thieves were looking to break into the jewelry store, the police were apropos to the situation, and did not allow the burglary to happen.

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