Sycophant in a sentence

What does sycophant mean? It means a person that is more interested in himself, somebody like a parasite.

Noun: -sycophantism

Adjective: -sycophantic

Sentence Examples: –

  • It is the sycophant nature of my sister to always think of herself as the best in the class; she is always trying to flatter the teacher.
  • The nature of my mother is terribly bordering on sycophant; so much so that he would look to flatter anybody that has the capability of providing her with free gifts.
  • While, in a pressure situation, it pays to become a sycophant, it is still something that you need to disassociate from your life after the situation goes away.
  • If you need to get a good promotion, you would have to look into becoming a sycophant; particularly when your office is filled with a lot of other candidates that have the right kind of credibility for the job.
  • When you have a sibling, a bit of borderline sycophant is to be found in either of you two.

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