How to Use Enervate in a Sentence? Definition,Meaning with Examples

What does enervate mean? It means to deprive someone of any kind of force, or to weaken someone considerably.

Noun: -enervation

Adjective: -enervated

Sentence Examples: –

  • It was the job of the fighter to try and enervate his opponent into ensuring that he could deliver a final blow that would end the bout.
  • Just because he happens to be a lot heavier than Jon, there was in no way that Gary would be able to enervate him as he does not have the fighting skills necessary.
  • Having a lot of alcohol would obviously try and enervate your speech as well as your thought process. It will only end up creating a very bad situation for you.
  • It was the job of the gym teacher to ensure that he taught his pupils to enervate their opponents into submission. The teacher was pretty good at it.
  • It is generally understood that if you try and enervate your opponent, they are going to fight back. That is the rule of any war.

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