Asinine in a sentence

What does asinine mean? It means someone who is foolish or unintelligent.

Noun: -asininity

Sentence Examples: –

  • There is absolutely no way in which people would be able to tolerate your asinine understanding of the black hole; all it does is to review your stability.
  • There are a lot of people that display asinine behavior; chances are that you might be their leader.
  • When the wife started showing some asinine behavior, the husband ended up videotaping it so as to present to the court when the divorce proceedings came up. The case went in his favour.
  • Of all the asinine things that you might have done before, trying to swim in the freezing weather definitely takes the cake.
  • You need to understand and get to know about your asinine attempt at trying to retrieve your senses, then all you need to do is to apologize to that person.
  • To see yourself being exhibited as a grand person of understanding, you would have to get rid of all the asinine things that you do on a daily basis.

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