Aspersion in a sentence

What does aspersion  mean?: – a bold attack on the integrity and the reputation of somebody or something.

Noun: -nonaspersion, aspersions

Sentence Examples: –

  • The political aspersion of the candidature of Donald Trump right before the election took a very big hit when there were the shootouts in various schools by people that subscribed to his line of thinking.
  • It is only because I actually know about Jon to be a very nice person that I do not believe in all the different types of negative aspersion being talked about him.
  • There was an online smear campaign by Helen and a lot of negative aspersion about her previous boyfriend.
  • The reputation of the teacher did take a hit when it came to the aspersion that was mentioned within the school.
  • The career of a politician is entirely dependent upon the public aspersion, be it negative or positive.
  • When you have a negative aspersion, and you find out the people responsible for it, it is time for you to come clean and mentioned that to the management. Only then will you be able to move up in the company.

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