Astute in a Sentence

What does astute mean? It means someone that is clever, and extremely shrewd.

Noun: -astuteness

Sentence Examples: –

  • It is the story of an astute businessman that went on to make a lot of money with a simple idea.
  • Giving children lives to give it is not at all astute for any parent.
  • Keeping fireworks away from the children should be the best thing that a parent can do, keeping them in close proximity is not astute at the very least.
  • When you are looking to study at night, then the astute thing for you to do would be to read up on your vocabulary. It will definitely help you to understand any language if you have a firm grasp over its vocabulary.
  • One of the astute observations about the theory did strike a chord amongst all the professors visiting in the University.
  • When you are looking to interview for a particular job, it is always important to dress up in an astute manner; you would certainly look your part to get the job.

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