Audacious: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Audacious in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Audacious, Audacity and Audaciously.

Audacious Definition and Meaning with Examples

Audacious (adjective) means fearless, valiant or rude.

The word typically refers to the ability of taking bold and daredevil risks.

Audacious may also be used in reference to being disrespectful, brazen or out of line.

The word can also refer to something which is not chained by traditional norms or conventions.

Make a sentence with the word audacious to suggest impudence or intrepidity. Associate it with things like cheeky comments, shockingly bold acts, recklessly brave behavior or highly inventive ideas.

Audacious: Other Grammatical Forms

Audacity (noun)

Audaciously (adverb)

Audacious in a Sentence Examples

1) He has an insanely audacious dream. I just hope he has the mettle to fulfill it.

2) He will be remembered by history for making the audacious claim of cleaning the city in one day and actually doing it.

3) It’s good to be so bold and audacious but you have to understand what you are getting into and take a calculated risk.

4) It was an audacious merger and acquisition, probably the biggest one in the history of corporate America.

5) In a bid to carry out an audacious sting operation, the journalist prepared to put her own reputation on the line.

6) Many management experts have mentioned that audacious ideas propel an organization towards its larger vision with lightning speed.

7) It is an audacious biography which exposes the celebrity’s real life and all the controversies that he was involved in.

8) We have decided to invest all our life earnings in an audacious construction project which involves a glass hotel to be built on an island.

9) It was an audacious and remarkable journey – traveling all of Latin America on a bicycle.

10) I don’t know if I want to invest money in funding a startup idea which at this point, seems audacious.

Audacity in a Sentence Examples

1) The audacity with which they behaved in front of their seniors was appalling. I would have never dared to behave that way.

2) How can you have the audacity to call the boss at two in the night for something so trivial?

3) He showed the audacity of telling his editor that he wouldn’t be able to file his piece in due time.

4) She had the audacity to ask me to split the car fare with her even though she lived at my place for three weeks without giving me a single penny.

5) I reprimanded my son for showing the audacity to make snide comments about his teacher while the class was going on.

6) Everyone was shocked on seeing the audacity of the politician and the way he was making derogatory comments about women in his speeches.

7) It was their sheer audacity and shamelessness that upset their parents and rightly so.

8) The burglars broke into the bank audaciously in broad daylight and the cops could do absolutely nothing.

9) He was audaciously ambitious and it reflected in all the highfalutin proposals that he was slated to undertake in the next five years.

10) He apologized for the audacity he showed in front of his father by saying that he was sick and tired of living with him.

Audaciously in a Sentence Examples

1) No one in the past seven generations of the family has behaved so audaciously in front of their elders as you have today.

2) She made the decision of investing in the company audaciously, preparing herself to be ready to face the consequences.

3) They audaciously decided to change the venue of the party at the very last moment, without informing the invitees.

4) She is your grandmother and almost fifty years older to you. Don’t talk to her so brusquely and audaciously.

5) Think outside the box, think audaciously – that was the brief given to the advertising agency by their clients.

6) It’s an audaciously made film which is shot entirely on a handycam without a real story.

7) She audaciously endeavored to take on the project and give her biggest rival a run for his money.

8) The play director announced audaciously that his audience would have to pay an extra ten dollars if they wanted to chat with the actors after the play was over.

9) He told off his boss audaciously in front of everyone else in the meeting. Thank God someone mustered the courage to do it.

10) Being an intrepid traveler, I knew that he would make his travel plans audaciously exciting.

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