Atrocious in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Atrocious in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Atrocious, Atrocity, Atrociously and Atrociousness.

Atrocious Definition and Meaning with Examples

Atrocious (adjective) means brutal or vicious. It can use be used to describe something which is horrible, dreadful or disgusting.

It can refer to something which is unpleasant, nasty or disagreeable.

Something which is downright wicked, cruel, evil, savage or barbaric can also be described by the word atrocious.

Use atrocious to suggest different degrees of horror.

A horribly written report, ghastly crime, vile attack, displeasing actions or shocking behavior can be called atrocious.

Atrocious: Other Grammatical Forms

Atrocity (noun)

Atrociously (adverb)

Atrociousness (noun)

Atrocious in a Sentence Examples

1) The atrocious potholes made for the worst road trip we’ve ever taken in our entire lives.

2) How can he be given bail for such an atrocious felony? He should be severely punished.

3) Not only is your work untidy, but your categorization of topics is atrocious too.

4) The story of their struggle and the way they lived in complete squalor was atrocious and horrible to hear.

5) The minister made some atrocious statements about the environment and earned the wrath of people.

6) The atrocious odor of the overflowing toilets was simply unbearable. Everyone vacated the office until the building management got everything fixed and cleaned.

7) It was atrocious to see how cloud storage accounts of celebrities were hacked and how the hacker shamelessly uploaded all the private pictures on social networks.

8) The atrocious crimes committed by the man gave the judges no choice but to give him a death penalty.

9) I am never going to stay at that hotel again because their Wi-Fi connectivity was atrocious. I could barely manage to access my email.

10) The dictator’s atrocious reign finally came to an end when thousands of protestors stormed the parliament gates and took over the country’s administration.

Atrocity in a Sentence Examples

1) The newspaper’s detailed account of the atrocity committed by the killer on the loose was nothing short of gruesome.

2) They are not ready to migrate from this place even though they’ve been victims to one atrocity after another.

3) The atrocity committed on the people acquired national attention only when one of the local newspapers covered it.

4) Whenever I ground my son, he behaves as if I am meting out an atrocity on him. When he grows up, he will understand that it was just a punishment.


5) No matter how much atrocity you perpetrate on them, they are bunch of thick-skinned criminals who just won’t understand.

6) The way in which nearly half of the company’s employees were fired without warning was nothing short of an atrocity.

7) My son was too young to be told about the atrocity faced by his father when he went to war.

8) The use of heavier words like grotesque and gruesome will add to the atrocity of the incident which you are trying to bring out through your writing.

9) Not supplying enough water to the city is as good as an atrocity. After all, nothing is possible without water.

10) The government will suffer for not taking enough measure to stop this atrocity.

Atrociously in a Sentence Examples

1) The rowdy bunch of kids behaved atrociously at the party. They flung their cutlery under the pretext of having fun.

2) She was ill-prepared and spoke atrociously at the prestigious conference. Her reputation took a beating.

3) The poor little animal was killed atrociously. The car squashed it at such speed that even its carcass became unidentifiable.

4) The man kept burping atrociously throughout the flight. All the passengers were highly annoyed.

5) The bully atrociously and repeatedly taunted him for being different from the rest.

Atrociousness in a Sentence Examples

1) The atrociousness of the book’s language is indescribable. I can’t believe that an author like her can write something as dreadful as this.

2) Even though the decor was beautiful, the atrociousness of the dish was enough to give the restaurant a bad name.

3) I never expected him to display such atrociousness and lack of character while lobbying for a promotion.

4) Nothing can come close to the atrociousness with which the teenagers behaved at the mall. I wonder why parents can’t teach their kids some manners.

5) The government rescue efforts were hampered by the atrociousness of the aftershocks of the earthquake.

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