Awry in a Sentence

What does awry mean? It means to take a sudden twist or turn into one side only, something that takes away from the expected direction and go amiss.

Sentence Examples: –

  • After the accident, Jack seemed to be driving a bit awry and was always veering off course. This led to a lot of problems, and a few small accidents on the roads.
  • After the substitute teacher entered the class, he found out that his schedule was awry, and did not correlate to his current function within the school.
  • After witnessing a serial killer being let loose by the grand jury, everybody knew that there was something awry within the justice system, and it was a rotten to the core.
  • If there is no absolute supervision in any classroom, the situation is going to turn into awry and become extremely chaotic.
  • Whenever you find things are going awry during your wedding, always revert to the backup plans so as to save yourself a lot of embarrassment and to get the party going.

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