Bombastic in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Bombastic in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Bombastic and Bombastically.

Bombastic Definition and Meaning with Examples

Bombastic (adjective) means pompous or pretentious. It refers to something which is ostentatious or high-sounding.

Anything which sounds overblown or inflated can be called bombastic.

Apart from describing people, actions and words, the word can also be used to describe something which sounds highfalutin but has little or no meaning.

A person who makes tall claims without any substance in action can be called a bombastic person.

Bombastic: Other Grammatical Forms

Bombastically (adverb)

Bombastic in a Sentence Examples

1) Everyone knows the truth behind their bombastic claims. None of it is ever going to work out.

2) His bombastic claims on making the city the best in the whole world didn’t hold much water.

3) Her bombastic manner is very off-putting. She needs to tone it down a little bit.

4) Amidst the bombastic clamor that surrounded his so-called success, he forgot what his roots really were.

5) There wasn’t much to the piece of music that he composed. It was totally bombastic, with little recall value.

6) He decided to breakup with his girlfriend because he was tired of all the bombastic promises that she made to him all this while.

7) He is such a bombastic manager. He talks more than what he actually gets done.

8) He is bombastic and full of nonsense, but unabashedly so.

9) It was a bombastic party, full of socialites who could only talk about handbags and stilettos.

10) The CEO kept his address low- key because he didn’t want the future plans of the company to come across as bombastic.

11) We are immune to his bombastic talk. He has the reputation of making too much noise about nothing.

12) Using such bombastic words in your speech will dilute the essence of what you want to say.

13) Starting off with a bombastic introduction, the speech went on to be even more pretentious.

14) They were offended by their son-in-law’s bombastic comments and his high-handed attitude.

15) Don’t let your success steal away your humility and make you bombastic like others.

Bombastically in a Sentence Examples

1) She gave her speech way too bombastically for it to be believable. It lost all credibility.

2) She has a habit of talking bombastically and making points that don’t hold much relevance.

3) They bombastically took credit for all the work that someone else had done.

4) He has a reputation of talking bombastically. Just because he has inherited the business, he thinks that he is the king of the world.

5) He has been bombastically propagating the utility of his brand’s most superfluous product yet – neckties.

6) He was voted out of the committee because of his bombastically made statement. They wanted someone more grounded to lead the team.

7) Her enthusiastic conversations eventually became bombastically flamboyant soliloquies.

8) My friend bombastically promised to throw us the best party we’d ever seen.

9) She twisted words bombastically to give herself an aura in front of everybody else.

10) As soon as they won the bid, they bombastically announced the results on Twitter.

11) The minister went on rather bombastically. He didn’t realize that everyone was being able to see through his pomposity.

12) She bombastically told her friends that she was going to travel the whole world in the next year.

13) Your bombastically annoying attitude is making everyone reconsider their decision of making you the head of the team.

14) She talks rather bombastically but she doesn’t mean to intimidate others.

15) The song has been bombastically worded. It uses highfalutin words but has no soul.

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