Belie in a sentence

What does belie mean? It means to be misinterpreted, to start acting in total opposite of your original standards.

Noun: -belier

Adjective: -unbelied

Sentence Examples: –

  • Gary made it an initiative to try and belie the simple fact that he was a hard worker, but trying to show up at the office pretty early and taking on a lot of responsibilities.
  • So as to belie the different kinds of defects on the car, the sales man provided a wonderful discount to the people looking to purchase it; it did the trick.
  • When you see women shopping with credit cards, it simply tries to belie the fact that they have a lot of debts, and would have to take care of them at the earliest possible opportunity.
  • This because the person has a tattoo does not make him a bad man, it instead belie the facts that he happens to be a wonderful person to talk to.
  • But trying to distract my parents, I was trying to belie the fact that they have been fighting together for a long time, and might soon get divorced if nothing is done.

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