Laud in a sentence

What does laud  mean?: -praise

Noun: -lauder

Adjective: -unlauded

Sentence Examples: –

  • the company made it a point to laud the outstanding achievements of Jack, and how he has been able to single-handedly turn the fortunes for the company.
  • The people laud 25 December every year for the birth of the saviour and propagator of Christianity, Jesus Christ.
  • When your movie takes center stage, the critics will laud the effort that you have put into making this a masterpiece.
  • There are many people that laud the efforts of scoundrels, while ensuring that the honest people do not get their worth in this particular world.
  • One can certainly say that if you cannot do a lot of good things, it is still better than trying to laud the achievements of the people that commit crimes in your country.
  • If you want to become a good cook, you need to laud the efforts of your mother in the kitchen.
  • When you laud the efforts of film stars, you certainly appreciate the kind of work that they do, not the life that they lead.

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