Bilk in a sentence

What does bilk  mean?: -to elude, obtain something with the help of deceit

Noun: -bilker

Sentence Examples: –

  • When the government is always looking to bilk the taxpayers out of their hard earned money, it becomes evident for the people to rise in revolution against this oppressive aspect of the government.
  • When it comes to inheritance, you need to be extremely careful, as there are a lot of schemes as well as fraudsters that will look to bilk you out of your money, ensuring that you are left with nothing in your pocket.
  • If you would want to stand up against the bullies that would only like to bilk you out of your lunch money, then it is important for you to take defense lessons. Talk to your parents regarding it.
  • Always try and stay on the safe path when coming home at night. There are always people looking to bilk you from your hard earned money.
  • The company extols a lot of virtues, but when it comes to exploiting the people, they are always in the forefront by trying to bilk money out of their pension funds.

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