Billowing in a sentence

What does billowing  mean?: – filled with air

Noun: -billow

Sentence Examples: –

  • The billowing winds in the curtains signaled for a windy day, which was something that was very much needed after a very hot climate inundated the people.
  • When the billowing skirt caught the attention of the cashier of the shop, he could see that the shoplifter was well on her way to shoplifting a lot of goods.
  • Whenever there are billowing waves, there are appropriate safeguards in place to ensure that the children do not go down to the ocean.
  • Even without a lot of billowing smoke, you can go about making food on your grill.
  • When the clouds started billowing, one could expect a lot of heavy rainfall within a very short period of time.
  • The winds caught the robe of the Minister, and the billowing robe landed the Minister flat on his back.
  • The billowing flames out of that particular house were way too much for the firefighters to salvage anything out of it. It only made matters worse that water was in scarcity.

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