Blandishment in a sentence

What does blandishment  mean?: – A flattering statement used to persuade somebody in order to get something done.

Noun: -blandishments

Sentence Examples: –

  • The salesman tried his best, came up with every form of blandishment that he could think of, but it would not be able to make any sale for that particular day.
  • The waiter used all her blandishment and charm in order to get a handsome tip from the people she was serving.
  • Although, it can be a trying time for most of the prospective grooms to meet the in-laws, the right form of blandishment is definitely going to get the best possible approval and acceptance from them.
  • The occasional blandishment, when provided to the right kind of person is definitely going to help you see through the better picture and enjoy your time in the office.
  • After having been in this place for a long period of time, you realize that the perfect amount of blandishment is going to get you extremely high up in the management position.

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