Boorish in a sentence

What does boorish  mean?: -bad mannered, very coarse

Noun: -boorishness, boor

Sentence Examples: –

  • The jokes of the comedian was so boorish and vulgar that the audience left the scene way before the act even ended.
  • The pirates were known to be boorish as well as uncouth with their men; however, they always seem to be extremely courteous of the females in the ship.
  • The boorish behavior of my friends only ended up creating a barrier between my parents and them, which I did not take a liking to.
  • After annoying everyone with hisboorish behavior, my father went out of the office, trying to get a hold of his life.
  • Even though the Cowboys are known to be boorish, they are extremely relaxed when it comes to drinking in the bar and not causing any kind of fights.
  • Well, it is true that children will always tend to be extremely naughty, but to expect boorish behavior from them is something that is out doing even the most naughtiest of children. It is only in the imagination of parents.

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