Brevity in a Sentence

What does brevity mean? It means shortness in the duration or the time in someone’s hands.

Sentence Examples: –

  • it is important for you to understand the brevity of the sermon that is to be given by the Minister in the church today.
  • Once you do not understand the brevity of the situation, you tend to think about something that would be extremely indulging to your taste.
  • As a married couple, the brevity with which they ended up together is something that did not end up shocking anyone.
  • One could possibly say that the brevity of the newspaper has been remarkable. They have certainly brought about a new age in journalism.
  • With a lot of research work highlighted in the brilliant project work undertaken by Jerry, it was a mistake for major journalist to let down the project by only looking into the brevity of it.
  • By making use of social media platforms like Twitter in order to indulge in conversation, you are looking forward your brevity in communication come forth and get them to be indulgent to the other people.

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