How to Use Callous in a Sentence? Definition,Meaning with Examples

 How to use Callous in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Callous, Callously and Callousness.

Callous Definition and Meaning with Examples

Callous (adjective) means insensitive or heartless. It refers to a person who is emotionally thick and shows no feelings.

The word callous is also used to describe the thickening and hardening of skin because of too much walking or exposure.

Use callous to suggest an emotionally indifferent or cold-hearted person.

People who show no sympathy in times of distress, behave with utter disregard or act uncaringly towards others are callous.

Callous: Other Grammatical Forms

Callously (adverb)

Callousness (noun)

Callous in a Sentence Examples

1) If you are brazen enough to make callous remarks about everybody, you have to be open to receiving some flak yourself.

2) Her tone always sounds callous but she is quite kind-hearted from inside.

3) A bunch of callous kids pelted the poor puppy with stones just for a few laughs.

4) He was callous enough to not call his mother when she was fighting a battle with cancer in the hospital.

5) Many people think that he is a callous person, but the reality is that he puts up a facade to get his work done.

6) He is callous but he’s not vindictive. There is a difference between the two.

7) Many people think that businessmen must be callous to get their work done, but that is not always the case.

8) A student’s callous behavior towards his teacher is absolutely not accepted in this school. He will be reprimanded for his actions.

9) They gave the man callous treatment just because he didn’t have enough money or good clothes.

10) It doesn’t matter what you tell her. She is a callous woman who is unperturbed by everything.

Callously in a Sentence Examples

1) It’s typical of the two rivals to speak callously about each other at public events. It has become a routine.

2) Her teenager not only talks back to her, but speaks callously to everyone around too.

3) I cannot afford to hire a receptionist who will speak callously to my clients. I need someone sophisticated, warm and affable.

4) It’s natural for anger to make you react callously.

5) No matter how callously her friend has behaved in the past, she has never taken it to her heart.

6) The callous actions of the attackers made headlines in newspapers across the world.

7) The reporter spoke about the subject callously without knowing the real facts about the situation and the people involved.

8) He hurled abuses at her callously, not even bothering to see that her little son was standing right next to her.

9) You must have been wired quite callously to not weep at the gory sight of those wounded soldiers.

10) The hunter looked at the innocent rabbit callously. He was relieved that his search for food was finally over.

Callousness in a Sentence Examples

1) The documentary beautifully showed how the lion ripped open the deer with unbearable callousness.

2) All the dead bodies were loaded onto the van with utter callousness. They were to be transported to the morgue for further identification.

3) The callousness with which she spoke to her mother-in-law was appalling to say the least.

4) The callousness with which they were welcomed was enough to suggest that something was not quite right.

5) People will tolerate his callousness only until he is in power. The minute he steps down, nobody will care for him.

6) The callousness with which they reacted was not only brutal, but also downright feral.

7) The callousness of the crime was heavily criticized by the media, government and the people of the country.

8) His callousness allows him to do business without letting his emotions get entangled.

9) The callousness with which they kidnapped him and asked for a hefty ransom from his poor father was horrible.

10) The journalist described the state of poverty in the country with callousness. She should have contextualized it before making blanket statements.

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