How to use Boisterous in a Sentence: Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Boisterous in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Boisterous, Boisterously and Boisterousness.

Boisterous (adjective) means loud, high-spirited or energetic. It can refer to anything which is lively and animated, sometimes to the point of being slightly uncontrollable.

The word boisterous can have a negative connotation when it is used to describe an unruly person who causes a lot of uproar or a turbulent gush of wind.

Create a sentence with the word boisterous to describe an overexcited person. Associate it with a rowdy crowd, jubilant cacophony of kids, riotous fans, noisy laughter, cheerful group or raging protestors.

In conversation, use the word to describe a person or situation which is swinging between being over joyous and uncontainable.

Boisterous: Other Grammatical Forms

Boisterously (adverb)

Boisterousness (noun)

Boisterous in a Sentence Examples

1) He was so boisterous at the party that he stole the thunder from the hosts. Everyone wanted to be around him to have fun.

2) Don’t let his boisterous manner defend you at any cost. He doesn’t mean any offence.

3) It was because of all my boisterous friends that the evening turned out to be so much fun. Otherwise, we would have been snoozing by now.

4) It is great to have an enthusiastic audience, but a boisterous one can cause mayhem if not controlled.

5) The restaurant’s vivacious charm comes from its boisterous crowd, effervescent ambience and delectable finger food.

6) The house always emanates laughter, noise, squeals and screams as it houses seven boisterous children along with three farm dogs.

7) All her makeup got smudged in the boisterous wind that slapped against her face in her swanky convertible.

8) The boisterous actress gave a crackling interview, replete with a lot of quotable quotes and witty punch lines.

9) The boisterous protest made it quite apparent that people were infuriated with the situation and could not take any more of it.

10) As the captain of the team made his way out of the stadium, his boisterous fans ran to get an autograph.

Boisterously in a Sentence Examples

1) Even though her jokes were stupid and lame, they all laughed boisterously because they were having fun nevertheless.

2) Although you are going there to have fun, don’t behave so boisterously that you bring the house down and irritate people around you.

3) She responded boisterously and agreed to come over for a coffee even though it was two in the night.

4) This advertising agency is full of boisterously creative people who come up with the most brilliant of ideas while they are seemingly doing nothing.

5) While they argued boisterously about which party should win, I thought of exiting the ugly situation and make us all a cup of soothing tea.

6) I couldn’t hear anything that my aunt said on the phone because her kids were boisterously screaming in the background.

7) Anticipating one more home run, the crowd cheered him on boisterously with the hope that it would motivate him.

8) After hearing the news of my promotion, my parents reacted much more boisterously than I expected them to. In fact, they even surprised me with a cake.

9) After having more drinks than they should have had, the group danced boisterously until the wee hours of morning.

10) The audience applauded for the charismatic leader boisterously after he gave the last speech of his career.

Boisterousness in a Sentence Examples

1) You may enjoy their company in the beginning, but after a while you will get repulsed by their boisterousness.

2) It was not her boisterousness which offended anyone, it her arrogance that showed its ugly head once in a while.

3) They are hearty people without a worry in the world and their carefree attitude is reflected in the boisterousness of their laughter.

4) The club was filled with the boisterousness of the people who celebrated the political victory of their favorite leader.

5) After the win of their favorite team, their boisterousness is likely to get out of control and hysterical.

6) A lot of people have been annoyed by his boisterousness, but few of them know that he doesn’t intend to be rude or unruly.

7) His mother did not want him and his friends to get together during his sister’s exam time because their boisterousness would disturb her.

8) All grandmothers miss the boisterousness of their grandchildren once they are away.

9) The boisterousness of the storm was evident in the way in which all the houses were shredded to a million pieces the next day.

10) They should not have put their boisterousness on display just after having sought an apology for something so grave.

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