Cacophony in a Sentence

What does cacophony mean? It means a dissonance of sounds, something that creates a lot of noise, and not the pleasant kind.

Adjective: -cacophonic.

Sentence Examples:

  • Once you come to my neighborhood, our dogs will create such a cacophony that you would not be able to pass the gate without me knowing about it.
  • It is only due to the lack of practice by the band that a good piece of music ended up becoming a cacophony to the audience. Instead of being entertained, they were disappointed.
  • The cacophony that is to be found in the fish market on a Sunday morning cannot be compatible to any other activity other than watching a football match in a football stadium.
  • Even though there was a perfect setup of the sound for the band, the first note of the guitar created a cacophony that could not go down easily with their fans.
  • Of course, after the suicide terrorist attacks, there was a lot of cacophony on the main central arena of the city, and this led to a lot of problems amongst the investigative agencies.

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