How to Use Cajole in a Sentence? Definition,Meaning with Examples

What does cajole mean? It means to persuade somebody with the help of promises or subtle flattery.

Noun: -cajoler

Adjective: -uncajoling

Sentence Examples: –

  • You should never let your friends cajole you into doing anything; chances are that it always ends up being bad for you.
  • If you are a regular at any restaurant, the management would not need to cajole you to purchase anything.
  • It is only with the use of quality cat food that I would be able to cajole my cat into eating his meals.
  • Although, there is a lot to be said about children and cookies, but trying to cajole them when they are alone is not good.
  • In order for you to enjoy your life, you have to cajole your senses into thinking that everything is good enough at the given moment.
  • Who is to say that if you take to understanding your girlfriend and trying to cajole her with jewelry, you might not end up getting dumped? There have been instances which has happened in this regard.

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