How to Use Candid in a Sentence? Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Candid in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Candid, Candor and Candidly.

Candid Definition and Meaning with Examples

Candid (adjective) essentially means straightforward or frank.

Candid can also be used to describe anything which is free from bias.

Another meaning of candid refers to something which is natural, unrehearsed and free from artifice.

Replace the words frank, honest or forthright with candid to increase its use in your everyday vocabulary. In conversation, candid is generally associated with a truthful person, impartial opinion, natural unposed photograph, blunt criticism or an open discussion.

Candid: Other Grammatical Forms

Candor (noun)

Candidly (adverb)

Candidness (noun)

Candid in a Sentence Examples      

1) My candid explanation convinced my teacher that I didn’t make an excuse for my absence, I was genuinely sick.

2) Having a candid discussion with your son will help you to understand his needs better.

3) His candid nature makes him a very easy person to deal with.

4) People took advantage of her candid nature and asked her questions which she wasn’t supposed to answer for security purposes.

5) This photographer acquired fame because of his extraordinarily rare and candid shots of celebrities.

6) Politicians are never candid about their opinions. Every word they say has an ulterior motive.

7) Be candid and confess that you failed because you didn’t study for your exam in the first place.

8) She was candid about her limitation of not being able to climb the mountain because of her asthma.

9) Being candid about your feelings will help your psychiatrist to give you the right therapy.

10) I love candid photographs, not pictures in which subjects pose and look artificial.

Candor in a Sentence Examples

1) It takes guts to show candor at a time when there is so much political pressure on a public figure like him.

2) They headed for splitsville because their relationship lacked candor.

3) The candor of the research on poverty impressed the judges so much that they awarded him a special prize for uncovering the hidden truth.

4) There is such candor in his eyes that I have fallen in love with him.

5) Don’t be hurt by the brazen candor in our professor’s criticism. That is the way he has always been.

6) I sensed the candor in my daughter’s behavior and realized that she was indeed saying the truth.

7) Who would have expected a scheming colleague like him to have so much candor on the personal front?

8) Your sister needs advice which is full of candor, not opinions that are sugarcoated with diplomacy.

9) Don’t take her candor for granted. Appreciate the fact the she is being honest even after having such a terrible fight with you.

10) What made the film award winning was the candor with which it portrayed the life of the natives.

Candidly in a Sentence Examples

1) She gave the interview candidly without thinking about the controversy it would generate.

2) She sang candidly even though she was afraid of performing in an auditorium which was packed to the rafters.

3) Be careful before you go on your trip of answering all her questions candidly. She might have a clandestine motive in mind.

4) The alleged murderer looked at the cop candidly, as if to let him know that he was innocent.

5) The actress portrayed Marilyn Monroe so candidly, that for a minute I almost thought it was her.

6) The student candidly admitted to her teacher that she was the one to blame for the mischief.

7) The boss wanted a candidly written report about the productivity of his employees.

8) Even though the monthly figures were disappointing, our manager presented the report candidly in front of his supervisor.

9) I will speak candidly only if you keep me unnamed in the article which will be published in the newspaper tomorrow.

10) Literature that candidly portrays the war isn’t freely available.

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