How to Use Capricious in a Sentence? Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Capricious in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Capricious, Caprice, Capriciously and Capriciousness.

Capricious: Definition and Meaning

Capricious (adjective) means fickle or unpredictable. It can be used to describe a person who shows an erratic change in mood, action or behavior for no logical reason.

Capricious can also refer to a person who is unreliable or has many whims and fancies.

Form a sentence with the word capricious to express whimsicality or randomness in a person or situation.

Associate it with mercurial weather, quirks of a haughty princess, unreasonable change in plan, baseless desire, temperamental personality, unpredictable government or anything else which shows signs of impulsiveness and inconsistency.

Capricious: Other Grammatical Forms

Capriciously (adverb)

Capriciousness (noun)

Caprice (noun)

Capricious in a Sentence Examples

1) Don’t believe him when he compliments you. He is capricious enough to say something completely different a few days later.

2) His capricious nature makes it difficult to know what he is thinking at any given moment.  I don’t like working with such people.

3) His family is tired with his capricious decisions about changing jobs. They think he should settle down and stick with one employer for a longer time.

4) It is impossible to buy a gift for her because she has capricious choices. She fancies something new every other day.

5) I am scared that my daughter is going rafting with her friends because the waters of that river are quite capricious.

6) Just because you are a songwriter and musician, you cannot get away with being capricious and hurting other people.

7) My mother is worried because of my brother’s capricious spending habits and the way he buys things that things he never needs.

8) The capricious policies of the government make it difficult for people to conduct business in this country.

9) Gambling and playing the lottery are capricious ways of making money. Neither come with any guarantees.

10) Like a capricious child, she spent an hour in the shop trying to decide which nail color she wanted to buy.

Capriciously in a Sentence Examples

1) None of us could make heads or tails of what he meant, because he spoke capriciously.

2) He will capriciously change the subject if he is not in the mood to talk about it.

3) The weather of coastal towns tends to change capriciously because of the constantly changing currents of surrounding water bodies.

4) Make sure you pack well for your camping trip because Nature can flip capriciously when you least expect it to.

5) The only reason he doesn’t have real friends is because he behaves capriciously all the time.

6) My grandfather behaves capriciously because he knows that everyone will take pity on him and cater to his whims and fancies.

7) You are likely to take decisions capriciously when you are angry. Sober down first.

8) She purposefully behaves capriciously so that she can manipulate the situation by catching her opponents off guard.

9) He thinks that behaving capriciously will make girls drool over him. What he doesn’t know is that he is grossly mistaken.

10) You cannot ground your child capriciously just because you have the authority of a parent.

Capriciousness in a Sentence Examples

1) Our manager’s capriciousness keeps everyone on their toes. No one knows what will happen next when he is around.

2) His capriciousness has forced me to record his instructions so that he cannot claim not having given them before.

3) Celebrities are famous for their capriciousness. They ask the crew to get the most obscure of things at random times.

4) Your capriciousness will become the reason for your failure. People like stability and reliability, not fickleness.

5) Don’t put your capriciousness on display by first accepting the invite and then pulling out of the event last minute.

6) My wife’s capriciousness annoys me because I just can’t seem to satisfy her in any way.

7) The business has suffered tremendously because of the CEO’s capriciousness. We need someone more stable and steadfast.

8) His emotional capriciousness and mental instability is affecting the rest of the family negatively. You should get him to see a psychiatrist.

9) The capriciousness of weather in this country makes it impossible to plan any kind of adventure travel.

10) It seems that menopause has added to her capriciousness.

Caprice in a Sentence Examples

1) It isn’t surprising to see a princess put her caprice on full display. After all, she is a princess and she can have whatever she wants.

2) Her caprice of switching off lights at ten made it impossible to share a room with someone.

3) The employees in this office are slaves who fulfill every caprice that our boss has.

4) It is alright to have a caprice as long as it does not impact another person’s life.

5) He fulfilled every caprice of hers but something always seemed to be lacking – maybe that something was love.

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