How to Use Chivalry in a Sentence? Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Chivalry in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Chivalry, Chivalrous and Chivalrously.

Chivalry Definition and Meaning with Examples

Chivalry (noun) means gentlemanliness or good manners. Its original historic meaning refers to the code of conduct which was meant to be followed by knights and horsemen in the medieval era, especially in France.

The meaning of chivalry has morphed overtime and it now refers to several qualities of a gentleman including etiquette, bravery, generousness, valor, politeness and helpfulness.

Use the word chivalry for a man who embodies all these qualities which make him stand out from the rest.

Quintessential acts of chivalrous men include opening the door for a lady, giving way or priority to women and children, paying on a date, bringing a woman flowers, giving her a hand while getting up from a chair or stepping out of the car and picking her up while going out.

Chivalry: Other Grammatical Forms

Chivalrous (adjective)

Chivalrously (adverb)

Chivalry: Sentence Example

1) Chivalry is no more about riding horses and going to battle, but about being the perfect gentleman.

2) Chivalry has no place in social etiquette these days. If a man has wealth, he thinks he has everything.

3) Our history texts are replete with anecdotes of the English chivalry.

4) Women should either expect chivalry from men or equality between genders. Expecting both is a contradiction.

5) He works chivalry to his advantage only because he has a female boss. And that’s unfair.

6) I loved listening to stories of knights and their chivalry when I was young.

7) There’s something attractive about chivalry. It makes a man look so much more charming.

8) In today’s world where instant gratification is the way to go, are the patient ways of chivalry relevant?

9) Modern day ideas of chivalry are constantly morphing with the advent of online dating and chatting.

10) Chivalry may exist in books and novels, not in real life anymore.

Chivalrous in a Sentence Examples

1) It was not his good looks or wealth but chivalrous behavior that impressed her the most.

2) In a fit of being chivalrous, he offered to pay for the meal but realized that he had forgotten his wallet at home.

3) In an impeccable suit and groomed hair, he looked chivalrous.

4) Being a chivalrous man is far-fetched, he doesn’t even have basic table manners.

5) His dense mustache, bow tie and beard made him look like a chivalrous man straight from the medieval times.

6) Don’t you dare get carried away by his chivalrous ways. He is just using you.

7) No matter how modern a woman is, she will continue to expect traditional chivalrous values from her man.

8) All the ladies were eager to meet him because his chivalrous reputation preceded him.

9) If he is chivalrous enough, he will drop you home even though he lives at the other end of town.

10) It was very chivalrous of him to treat her nicely on the date even after he got to know that she was already in love with someone else.

Chivalrously in a Sentence Examples

1) He behaved chivalrously by opening the door for his girlfriend and allowing her to go first.

2) Apart from the commonly used phrase ‘ladies first’, most forms of chivalry are almost defunct.

3) Behaving chivalrously will give women an idea about your gentlemanliness.

4) Treating women chivalrously is only half the job done. You will have to follow it up with dedicated wooing and continuous flattery.

5) He chivalrously kept his promise even though it was at his expense.

6) He conducted himself chivalrously all the time and this earned him the respect of his lady love.

7) I wish he read more medieval history to understand the knights better and how they acted chivalrously.

8) He set out chivalrously to help the injured women, when all others chose to be a mere part of the crowd.

9) Books written by Jane Austen are perfect guides for men to learn how to act chivalrously.

10) While walking on the street, he chivalrously asked his lady to step towards the side so that she could be protected from the passing traffic.

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