Furtive in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Furtive in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Furtive, Furtively and Furtiveness.

Furtive Definition and Meaning with Examples

Furtive (adjective) means secretive or sneaky. It refers to anything which is done undercover to avoid attention.

The word furtive can be used to describe covert actions or behaviors that are kept under wraps because of the guilt of being caught.

It also refers to nervousness in a person’s behavior which arises from guilt.

Create a sentence with furtive to express stealth or slyness.

Teenagers doing things that are forbidden by their parents, lovers exchanging nervous glances and secretly clicking pictures where photography is banned are examples of furtive actions.

Furtive: Other Grammatical Forms

Furtively (adverb)

Furtiveness (noun)

Furtive in a Sentence Examples

1) My parents eventually discovered that I was lying and put a kibosh on my furtive endeavors online.

2) I laugh when I think about all the stupid strategizing and furtive plotting that went on between friends.

3) The more furtive your attempts, the likelier everyone will be to think that you are doing something wrong.

4) I don’t want to collaborate with him because his way of doing things is very furtive.

5) He lives a furtive life. All his actions are clandestine and most of what he does is undercover.

6) She has her own furtive motivations to do things which she tells no one about.

7) We are not allowed to engage in furtive transactions that happen beyond the walls of this organization.

8) My daughter’s furtive efforts of going on dates were caught be me. I couldn’t believe her audacity and disobedience.

9) The cops don’t want assistance from any civilians. They want this entire expose to be completely furtive.

10) We will be as furtive as we can, but we cannot guarantee a flawless robbery unless we are technically well-equipped.

Furtively in a Sentence Examples

1) The operation must be carried out as furtively as possible. We don’t want random people to get a sniff of what we’re doing.

2) They looked at each other furtively, trying to get a sense of one another’s feelings.

3) She furtively passed him a note while class was going on. It was a message asking him to meet her in the evening.

4) I knew something fishy was going on as soon as they started looking at each other furtively.

5) The mother could not believe her ears when she was told that her son was furtively attempting to run away from school.

6) Don’t talk behind my back furtively. If you have to say something, say it in front of me.

7) The image of a black cat running across the street furtively is very common.

8) He did everything furtively because he couldn’t openly communicate with his parents.

9) They decided to cross the river furtively in the middle of the night so that no one could report their whereabouts.

10) She furtively carried her mobile phone to class even though it wasn’t allowed.

Furtiveness in a Sentence Examples

1) No matter how much furtiveness you try to maintain, information regarding such controversial matters always leaks out.

2) It was the furtiveness of their activity which roused everyone’s suspicion.

3) They asked each other to make less noise as they furtively crawled across the room to steal cookies from the jar.

4) The furtiveness with which the entire operation was carried out was shocking. The cops didn’t even get a whiff of the criminal activity.

5) There was a vibe of furtiveness around him. It seemed that he was doing everything with an ulterior motive.

6) It was the furtiveness of my husband’s actions that led me to divorce him. He was doing things under my nose and I hated it.

7) The furtiveness with which the event was being planned made everyone extremely curious about it.

8) Even if there is a bit of furtiveness in your actions, they will figure that you are guilty.

9) The furtiveness with which they are behaving these days makes me think that they have chanced upon a fortune and they don’t want anyone to know about it.

10) The story is a about the dreadful conditions in which the troops lived during the war and the furtiveness of their lives.

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